Published Music

‘The accompaniment gives the simple melodies a sophistication not usually associated with works for beginning students.’

‘The wonderful subtleties amidst your flowing melodies are what you are all about.’

‘Morris's unique use of harmony, interesting rhythms, and use of texture ensures involvement by the listener and performer.’

Piano Solos

Available from and Ghost Town Suite available from Thomas Music and Bookshop Santa Cruz

Piano Garden

A collection of 8 short mid-late elementary pieces, all with a strong melodic line that often moves between the hands. Each piece creates a different mood – from the bold stomping of ‘March of the Crabgrass’ to the gentle lyricism of ‘Garden by Moonlight. ‘Gremlins in the Garden’ could be used for Halloween recitals. Each piece features a short description, often whimsical, of the artist’s intent to create a picture in sound.

Ghost Town Suite

10 effective intermediate/advanced piano solos that will instill a curiosity for the gold rush days of long ago: Desert Lullaby • Digging for Gold • Dreams of Home • Fort Churchill • Fossils of a Sea Monster • Ghosts of Bodie Chapel • In the Goldfield Saloon • A Night at the Opera • Riding Through Town • Take Your Partners.

Among the appealing features of this collection is Morris's unique use of harmony, interesting rhythms, and use of texture that ensures involvement by the listener and performer. American Music Teacher, Oct-Nov. 2006

Also now available from

Sad Matilda - using the unofficial national anthem of Australia, 'Waltzing Matilda' as my theme I turn it into a true waltz - Advanced level - 2 pages. Awarded an Honorable Mention in the California Composers Today competition in 2007

Amidst the Vineyards - depicts the gentle swaying of the vines in Northern Italy - Advanced level - 3 pages

Spanish Soliloquy - recalls a hike I took alone in the Pyrenees mountains of Northern Spain. Awarded a second place in the California Composers Today competition in 2002. Advanced level - 3 pages.

3 o'clock and Time for Tea - you can here the clock strike 3 in this lively waltz in 3/4 time, with 3 bar phrases - intermediate level, 2 pages

I have 9 collections of piano music available from Contact Heather at to receive a free CD featuring Heather’s performance of the pieces.

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Piano Postcards from Santa Cruz This set of 10 songs can be sung, or played on the piano by early level students. The book includes a lyrics and CD for a Sing-A-Long or, for piano players, to Play-A-Long. This set of 10 songs are portraits in sound and words of the outstanding features of Santa Cruz – including the Roaring Camp Railroad, surfing, the historical Mission, the Arboretum.

Downloads for the student parts of these pieces are available here to print out for use by the student while the accompanist uses the book you purchase.

Piano Postcards from Santa Cruz now available at Thomas Music, Bookshop Santa Cruz and Roaring Camp Railroad
Journey Through Asia The composing of this Journey Through Asia began life as a compositional assignment from a World Music class I was taking for fun. We had been studying rhythms which were unfamiliar to me and I thought it would be interesting to try to utilize these in a new work. Soon after this idea came to mind I came across an exhibition of photographs depicting various travels through Asian countries by a high school friend, with whom I had attended a performance of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition. These events combined to bring Journey Through Asia to life. Mussorgsky used a ‘link’ – his Promenade – to join several pieces into a larger work, and I used the first piece, The Grand Staircase, to move from scene to scene. Each link is slightly different, being influenced by its new environment. The piano level of the piece is late Intermediate to early Advanced and last for about 9 minutes.
5 Songs from China  5 Songs from China – five easy pieces with accompaniment

These 5 Songs from China were inspired by a book of Chinese folk songs given to me by a friend after a recent trip to that vast country. Several of these photographs, including some Chinese music notation, are included in the score.

Each song can stand alone as a solo, but accompaniments are provided for the teacher, sibling or parent, adding additional musical color. The solo parts are Level 2 - 4 and are based on simple pentatonic scales. The accompaniments use more sophisticated harmonies and some challenging rhythms, giving early level students new and exciting sounds to hear.

5 Songs from Japan 5 More Songs from Japan – five easy pieces with accompaniment

Following on from 5 Songs from Japan these solo pieces are level 3 - 4. There is a CD with two tracks for each song, the first having the solo and accompaniment, and the second having the accompaniment only so that students can play along.

Halloween Happenings - contains 10 fun, spooky pieces for students, level 2-5. The pieces vary in length from one to three pages and are perfect as supplementary material for a Halloween recital. With titles like ‘Night of the Hobgoblins’ and ‘March of the Giant Pumpkins’ there’s something for everyone . . . even a piece just for parents.

‘These are excellent teaching pieces, full of character and charm: a fine study work for a student gaining more expertise and growth with each step.’
Dr. Beverly Grigson, Professor of Music, CSU Northridge

The Quangle Wangle’s Hat - 8 short character pieces for late intermediate to advanced level students. These pieces were inspired by the nonsense poem by Edward Lear – who also wrote The Owl and the Pussy Cat. I’ve often found it difficult to find advanced level pieces that are short – and don’t requite months of practicing! With titles like ‘The Pobble Who Has No Toes’ and ‘The Fimble Fowl with the Corkscrew Leg’ there’s lots of room for your imagination. The book is illustrated by Lear’s own fantastical drawings.

‘The swing rhythm here could have charmed Benny Goodman.’

‘Mr. Lear could not have done better in his own musical presentation of the Fimble Fowl’

Outback - Drawing on my travels into the Australian Outback these 8 advanced level pieces vary from lyrical to percussive. The opening piece features ‘Sad Matilda’, my variation of Waltzing Matilda which was awarded an honorable mention in the Composers Today, 2007. Pieces contain elements of ragtime and jazz and well as classical ideas. The musical journey climbs ‘Uluru (Ayres Rock’), visits ‘Alice Springs!’, basks in the shade of the ‘Ghost Gum’ trees whilst being entertained by ‘Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere.’
They Went West - This book of 8 advanced level pieces follows my interest in ghost towns of the American West. Opening with the adventure of arriving in gold country with a rousing blues railroad song, ‘All Aboard’ and journeying ‘Under A Hot Sun’ being careful to avoid ‘The Bandits on the Trail’ and a fateful visit ‘To the Gallows’ the pieces convey many aspects of the lives of those who Went West. The book contains paragraphs putting the pieces into their historical context.

‘This is clearly the work of someone who understands the piano.’

5 Songs from Japan  Songs from Japan – five easy pieces with accompaniment

These 5 songs from Japan were inspired by a beautifully illustrated book of traditional songs that was given to me as a parting gist by the Matsuba family in 2006. Each piece lies in a simple five-finger position, making it easy to play for the beginning student.The accompaniment for the parent or teacher gives the simple melody a sophistication not usually found in works for early level students. The book also contains some original photographs taken by Heather on her trip to Japan. There is a CD with two tracks for each song, the first having the solo and accompaniment, and the second having the accompaniment only so that students can play along.

‘These pieces should be in every piano teacher’s repertoire to play with their students!’
Nancy Bloomer Deussen – chair of the International Alliance in Women’s Search for New Music

‘Short and truly sweet pieces for student and teacher – effective and useful learning devices.’
Dr. Beverly Grigson, Professor of Music, CSU Northridge

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Woodwind Music

Available from

Many of these works have the piano accompaniments of equal ability-level as the solo parts so that class-mates can play them together.

For flute and piano

Clarinet and piano

* indicates available in ‘Eleven Duets for Clarinet and Piano’

For ensembles

Andorran Landscape a quartet in 4 movements for 3 flutes and alto flute (advanced)

1. Pyrenees Pastures
2. Chorale
3. Waltz for a Spanish Rose
4. Andorra Le Ville

A challenging, college-level piece with some key changes and a handful of meter changes ., Some complex rhythms and meter and key changes but the beautiful melodies make this accessible to all audiences Each movement could stand alone for a shorter performance.

Arrivederci for 2 clarinets and piano

A challenging work played by middle school musicians (yes the piano too). Worth the effort and easy on the ears.

Black Hole Blues – trio for oboe, clarinet and bassoon (intermediate)

Death Valley Views – a trio in 4 movements for oboe, clarinet and bassoon (intermediate)

1 Under a Hot Sun
2 Sunrise over a Secret Oasis
3 A Desert Mirage
4 A Night on the Town

Postcards from the Planets - a trio in 3 movements– oboe, clarinet and bassoon (intermediate)

1. Fiddler on the Moon
2 Triton Tango
3 Moonbuggie Bounce

White Oak Jazz Trio for piccolo, clarinet and bassoon (late intermediate/advanced) class="spacedList"

Gold Fever Jazz for chamber orchestra

Pictures from the East for symphonic wind band