Success for the whole family in the 2012 National Guild exam

With Sarah Morris and Steve Comber at Sherman Clay store Walnut Creek, 2012

In good company. A Memoirs rehearsal schedule, Cabrillo College, 2014

Heather as Teacher

  • 'Supportive, responsive and conscientious . . . a talented musician and teacher'
  • 'Heather - for your talent we admire you, for your dedication we thank you and for your love music we are grateful'
  • 'Heather has really inspired my son, a typical 'high energy' 8 year old'
  • 'A gifted teacher who has allowed me to find my own way but at the same time set markers to make sure I advance'

Heather as Composer

  • 'Morris's unique sense of harmony, interesting rhythms and use of texture ensures involvement by the listener and the performer'
  • 'The wonderful subtleties amidst flowing melodies are what you are all about'

Heather as Writer

  • 'We dutifully sat on bone-numbing bleachers faithfully checking off each cacophonous offering of unintended quarter tones, bent notes and polyrhythms.'