A Selection of my Audio-Visual Productions

Gold Fever Jazz

Virginia City

In 2006 Hal Leonard published my Ghost Town Suite, a collection of 10 pieces, the last of which was called ‘A Night At The Opera.’ I had written the piece about Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City, Nevada, a grand affair which opened its doors in 1863 to some of the most famous singers, instrumentalists and actors including Mark Twain, Lilly Langtry, Al Jolson and John Philip Sousa. The opera house is still in operation today and I’d always thought it would be fun to play my piece there. In April, 2015 I had that opportunity. I stayed at St. Mary’s Art and Retreat Center, a former hospital on the edge of town, notorious for it ghostly apparitions! In an uncharacteristic impromptu move I borrowed an outfit from a barmaid in a local saloon and headed for the Opera House. The first two videos show my performance there, and the third documents my stay at St Mary’s. All the music is from my two books of piano music: ‘Ghost Town Suite’ and ‘They Went West.’

Virginia City

Virginia City Revisited

St Mary's Art Center